Edward Law ~ the travel agent that travels….

As a small business with an amazing base of regular travellers, I have moved away from competing with the big players. I can do better deals and am not beholden to any supplier or corporate ‘preferences’ allowing me to sell anything on market. So you get what you want, not what head office wants to push.

So, Edward Law trading as Go West Travel has evolved into a travel partner,  with access to great deals for corporate travellers and also leisure travellers in the middle and high end market. My business offers a passionate partnership for those people who are looking for quality advice, information and attention to detail. Combined with access to wholesale rates across all industry, and including many direct booking options (read – no middle men adding their margins), my clients do get amazing deals.

With access to all major airlines published fares, you will be able to book the best airfare, and my hotel deals are beyond competitive, even against the big online companies- (try me). On top of this I have contracts for all major car rental, cruise and package tour companies, but, I have even better services and rates with direct to destination companies in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, America, Vietnam, China and all European countries.  

As I am always on the go myself, I am up to date with product and industry situations, and I know the importance of alliance and recognition for frequent travellers.. Working with me is not 9 to 5, and I especially excel with working in with customers that need to work out of hours.. Please contact me via email, phone or on facebook if you need a good travel partner who works with you.