Before you book a holiday with Go West Travel, please ensure that you have read and understand the following.

Payment of a deposit to Go West Travel is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Brochure Validity
The information presented in any package holiday online or brochure is correct to the best of my knowledge, but is subject to change without notice. Changes may occur with suppliers prices, their itineraries. This may include duration of holidays, service standards, tour content. Particularly airfares and schedules may change after a package is created. This is out my control. When a change to a brochure product occurs, I will endeavour to offer an alternative and advise what changes have occurred.

Payment Options
Cheques may be presented to the office in person or by post (please allow at least 5 days clearance for cheques to meet any payment deadline). The preferred method of payment is via Bank Deposit. You may do this via Electronic Banking or in person at the NAB bank during their normal trading hours. Once you have paid please email a copy of the transaction to You must allow 48 working hours for these funds to reach my bank account.
Credit card payments are permitted. In Australia Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are accepted.

Late Payment
Any payments not received by midday on the payment deadline will result in the booked services being cancelled. If you have not received a receipt by midday on the payment deadline you must contact the office by telephone. If you believe your payment will not make it in time Go West Travel does not automatically extend bookings and your services will be cancelled.

In Australia Go West Travel Accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payments are processed in AUD. Many package deals have no Credit Card Fee. When not specifically noted as no Credit Card Fee the following bank surcharge will apply:
Domestic Visa or MasterCard – Market Merchant Rate
Foreign Visa or MasterCard – Market Merchant Rate
Domestic American Express – 2.6% – You may be required to approve the transaction on Pay Pal yourself. (You do not need to setup, open or have a PayPal account)
Foreign American Express – 3.4% – You may be required to approve the transaction on Pay Pal yourself. (You do not need to setup, open or have a PayPal account)

New Zealand Credit Card Payments
In New Zealand Go West Travel Accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Payments are processed in NZD. Many package deals have no Credit Card Fee. When not specifically noted as no Credit Card Fee the following merchant surcharge will apply:
Visa, MasterCard or American Express – 3.4% – You may be required to approve the transaction on Pay Pal yourself (You do not need to setup, open or have a PayPal account)

Itinerary Planning Fees
All itinerary options have a planning fee of AUD99.00 including GST which is payable before your itinerary is prepared and before it will be provided to you. This fee is non refundable, but will be applied to the same booking number (Trip Number) for the quotes prepared. The fee covers wages and system costs to provide professional quotes. You may request 2 itinerary changes for the same trip (same destination) and the dates must not be significantly different. If you do not proceed with the third trip booking, you will have to pay a new Itinerary Planning fee for a fourth, fifth and sixth option. Only the most recent planning fee will be applied as a credit if you proceed. You cannot apply the credit to a booking to a different destination or with a different Trip Number.  Please click here for the table of fees

Airline Credit Card Fees
When booking Flights Only, the Credit Card Fees quoted by the airline may be passed on to you. This can be itemised on your invoice if requested, if not requested as a itemised item the Airline Credit Card fee will be included in the airlines taxes.

Passports, Visa’s and Vaccinations
You must familiarise yourself with any visa and health requirements that may be applicable in the countries you are visiting. You are responsible for all entry/exit health and any other documents required by laws, regulations, orders, demands or requirements of countries visited or transited. Please note that passport and visa requirements are not the responsibility of Go West Travel. Edward Law & Go West Travel will not be held liable for any loss or expense due to the failure to comply with the above. It is an Australian Government requirement that you be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond your return to Australia.

Travel Insurance
You must be insured for the duration of your trip. You need comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellation, health requirements, luggage and additional expenses. Insurance policies rarely cover for loss of cash. If you choose to activate a policy as part of your credit card, it is important to confirm that the policy is activated and understand what is covered and what is not covered. I always recommend you contact your credit card provider and get the current policy wording and ensure that the policy meets your needs.

If you choose to travel without insurance, you cannot claim losses against Edward Law trading as Go West Travel except to the extent of Australian consumer law.

Go West Travel Client Account
Go West Travel operates a separate Client Account to hold your funds to apply towards your travel arrangements. The preferred method of payment is via Bank Deposit. If you specify direct deposit, the Go West Travel Client Bank account details will be provided on your Quote and tax invoice.

Where a package holiday special does not require a payment in full, a deposit will be required to confirm your booking. This deposit will be determined at time of booking according to the suppliers requirements. Any Quote price is subject to payment on or before the Due Date. The receipt of deposit will be taken as an understanding by that the customer has checked their confirmed travel arrangements and has read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Final Payment
Payment in full must be made no less than 90 days before travel unless otherwise specified.

You must cancel your itinerary in writing delivered to the Go West Travel office via Australia post or via email. The date I receive the post will be the date used for cancelling itinerary segments. If you send notification via email, the email account used to send advice of cancellation must be the same email account that is registered to your client ID in my office systems. The date I respond to your email will be the date used for cancelling itinerary segments.

Cancellation fees can be costly and may sometimes be more than the cost paid for the holiday.
When you cancel the entire itinerary the total cancellation fees will be the LESSER of

1, the entire balance paid for the trip to date
2, the Go West Travel cancellation fees (starting at $88 incl. GST per booking segment Please click here for the table of fees)
A segment for the purpose of cancellation fees is an individual itinerary item.
You will receive an itemised cancellation notification with the advice on whether a refund will be available.
A refund will not be paid until all suppliers have finalised the cancellation and refund processed. This can be 8-12 weeks with Airlines, and a matter of 6 weeks for some suppliers.

You will be given an indication of the progress of your cancellation on a regular basis, usually every 4 weeks.
Airlines and Tour Operators may have additional fees. Transfer of a confirmed booking to another tour or departure date is deemed a cancellation of the original booking.
There may be no refund for cancellation of unused services on or after the commencement travel date. Airline fare rules and Cruise contracts will be determined by the supplier.
Please note that employees of any suppliers are not authorised by Go West Travel to make any undertakings to clients in respect of refunds or other matters between you and Go West Travel.

Itinerary Changes
Go West Travel reserves the right to amend the itinerary for reasons related but not limited to service requirements, road or weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Where a change is of a significant nature, it will be advised to customers in writing. Go West Travel reserves the right to substitute hotels, lodges, inns and camps with properties of similar standard.

Amendment Fees
You should note that changes, amendments and cancellations can incur significant charges from operators, including in many cases loss of all payments made. Should YOU need to alter your original reservations, Go West Travel will levy a charge of $55 (GST Incl) per amendment, segment or transaction. This is in addition to any cancellation fees levied by the tour operator or a wholesaler that may be applicable where arrangements have been pre-purchased.

If you encounter any problems on your holiday, you should to try and solve it directly with the supplier whilst overseas. If you have any claims or refund request for services, you must notify me in writing within 30 days of completing your travel arrangements that were booked with Go West Travel. If possible you should try to notify me of the situation while travelling so that I may review and assist.

Unless specifically noted, prices are advised in Australian Dollars ($AUD). Prices are based on airfares, schedules and tariffs at the time of printing. Go West Travel reserves the right to vary the cost of any tour, the cost of taxes and airline prices if necessary due to currency fluctuation, supplier cost increase, or airfare increase. All prices are subject to confirmation from the local tour operators.
Once full payment has been received by Go West Travel no surcharges in respect to currency fluctuations will be applied. Go West Travel can not be held responsible for any service that becomes unavailable.

A note to New Zealand customers

Personalised Quotes departing New Zealand will be in NZD, and your invoice will note this. If in doubt please advise via email as soon as possible, or telephone to confirm. In any case where there is no clear indication of NZD, I will reissue invoices with clarification in NZD.

Additional Condition
Go West Travel does not itself provide carriage services, accommodation, transport or tours. Go West Travel acts as an agent for the “Service Providers”. All products and services provided by Service Providers are provided on those Service Providers own terms and conditions which may include limitations and exclusions of liability. All bookings with Go West Travel and all tickets, vouchers, receipts, coupons, exchange orders and other like documents issued to the client, are subject to each Service Providers terms and conditions governing the provision of products and services to be provided by that Service provider. Go West Travel shall not be liable for any acts, omissions or defaults whether negligent or otherwise, of any Service Providers. Go West Travel shall not be liable (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, delay or inconvenience resulting directly or indirectly from circumstances outside of Go West Travel control, including acts of nature, war, civil disturbances, strikes, floods, acts of government or authorities, breakdowns, accidents, disease, quarantine, terrorism, medical or customs regulations, and alterations, cancellations or delays concerning itineraries, timetables or accommodation.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Edward Law trading as Go West Travel is registered for GST in Australia. The Australian GST does not apply to international travel. Some service fees, Australian products, and cancellation and amendment fees are subject to GST. You will be charged GST where applicable. Australian domestic travel invoices will include GST.

A note to New Zealand customers
New Zealand GST does not apply to international travel or my service fees. As an Australian business any New Zealand domestic travel will have partial or full GST collected by the service provider not by Go West Travel. If you are traveling in New Zealand for business and need a New Zealand Tax invoice, you must ask for it before paying for services as I may need to arrange direct payment so you get a full GST invoice from the provider of the New Zealand Services.

Additional Important Note: The traveller is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Tour Operator and Airline as well as the Terms & Conditions of Go West Travel.

Travel Insurance, IATA registration and ATAS Accreditation
Travel insurance for international travel is a must, if you plan to use existing Credit Card Cover- check the policy condition for activation and call your provider today to obtain a current list of contact numbers to have to hand while travelling. If you don’t have travel insurance, I can issue a quote from 1Cover, in either NZD or AUD. Please ask if you haven’t already arranged insurance cover.
Or get an instant quote online at either of these links;Aussie Customers – click here
Kiwi Customers – click here
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Consolidated Travel Pty Ltd is ATAS accredited and is a member of IATA # 02316042. With the backing of such a huge office, and 24/7 ticketing support, your air travel is in good hands.
After Hours Fees Apply for all urgent changes and requests out of hours
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After Hours Fees Apply for all urgent changes and requests out of hours