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  • Please note that itinerary planning, holding confirmed airlines reservations and a confirmed price for advertised tours packages have fees, payable immediately.
  • All airlines charge fees for small corrections of names. These range from a few hundred dollars up to the full penalty to reissue a ticket. Some airlines do not allow the change of a name from your middle name to your legal first name and your ticket will be invalid and subject to the Airlines refund policy. Further to this, most airlines do not allow a name correction or change on a reserved booking that has not been paid, and so any quote will have to be cancelled and repriced based on availability. With some sale airfares this means a great sale fare is lost. Please be very sure you supply the correct name. You will be charge for any corrections due to errors when you do not provide a copy of your passport prior to ticketing.
  • For more than two passengers add information in the message below