The Paris of the South

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. Sexy and alive, this beautiful city gets under your skin.


Buenos Aires is very cosmopolitan and European in feel, it is home to 4 million people, and is a fabulous city to spend time in – filled with beautiful buildings and monuments, lovely people and delicious food!

In Buenos Aires I recommend a City Tour to give anoverview of the city and also get to some of the city’s main attractions: including the Plaza del Mayo – the home of Piramide de Mayo – a white obelisk built to mark the anniversary of Buenos Aires’ independence from Spain on 25 May 1810. You will also find the city’s main Cathedral; The Metropolitan Cathedral here, it is huge and so opulent in terms of décor and decoration, there is a ceremonial changing of the guards every day at 11am which is quite a sight to behold and is very popular for locals and tourists alike you will also find the Casa Rosada (Presidential Palace), Cabildo (former City Hall) as well as the National Bank in the square.

Visit La Boca, which is home to two tourists attractions the first is the football stadium ‘La Bombonera’ this is home to the world famous Boca Juniors. The other attraction is Caminito Street – this is a street filled with colourful houses, and is home to lots of cafes and shops, and you will find lots of artist performances and open-air tango happening to entertain patrons at the outdoor cafes dotted along the street. A very colourful and entertaining area to spend some time in.


Parrillas and Churrasquerías

No trip to Argentina would be complete without sampling a true slice of local culture: world-famous prime beef. In Buenos Aires, where the air is full of the intoxicating aroma of cooking meat whatever the time of day, you’ll find endless options of mouth-watering parrillas – Argentine steakhouses – that range from old-world and traditional to sleek and upscale. If you want to look for my post on ten carnivorous eateries to look out for.